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Aug 28, 2017

Side projects never get finished

There’s a graveyard of side-projects in my GitHub account.

  • TappyBase was a nearly-finished “tap all the Firebases” iOS game.
  • Recaller was a half-built email reminder iOS app.
  • understanding-underscore was a short-lived attempt to read through the underscore source code.
  • perf.js was an over-engineered Resource Timing API listener.
  • slack-budget was a “built but never used” budget management Slack bot.
  • wontfix was a GitHub issue manager that I lost interest in making.

This blog almost made the list.

A commitment to grit

As of today, I’m finally moving past all the reasons not to finish something. No more: “I don’t have time”, “This isn’t good enough”, and most importantly “I’m bored of this.”

Here’s to grit. Here’s to focus. Here’s to finishing things, even if they’re not perfect.