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David East

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Blogging like Chris Coyier

Sep 28, 2022

Hey there! Do you want to hear my incredibly awesome voice read you this article?

I’ve always admired Chris Coyier. I think CSS-Tricks is one of the best websites of all time. The website serves up fresh content every single day. But you know what? It’s not just CSS-Tricks for why I admire Chris Coyier. It’s his personal site.

Write about what you want

Chris writes about what he wants: owning a Tesla, going to a conference, even spoons. Seriously, spoons.

Sometimes we think we have to write about something important or a tutorial. These topics are great but, we have hobbies and lives outside of technology. Reading Chris’ blog reminds me of that.

Write long or short

Some of Chris’ articles are short and some are long. For a long time, I thought you couldn’t write an article unless it had at least a thousand words.

But now I realize that your personal site: it’s not for the likes, it’s not for the views, it’s not for the clicks. It’s for your soul. Write what you want. Here’s to more articles I want to write.