David East, but the top half of the face

David East

Web Developer / Designer

My name is David East. I like to build websites.

I like to build

I'm a web developer / designer who really likes to build websites. It's a pretty good coincidence. My focus right now is trying to improve with CSS. I believe CSS is the future toolbox of web designers and will be the most important web development skill moving forwards. Time to move those boxes.

A picture of the top half of David East's face
A picture of half of the top half of David East's face, but he's wearing a Firebase headband.

I work at Firebase

I joined Firebase as an early stage employee and then went on an exciting journey to Google where I’ve still been on the Firebase team for over 7 years. I'm a Developer Relations Engineer. That's a fancy way of saying I work on tooling, content, docs, and product launches. I have done a lot of YouTube videos for Firebase and I have my own channel were I post about being Bad at CSS.

I'm 35 years old

I look young and the older I get the nicer it is. I have two kids and I can't count the amount of times people have asked me if I'm their brother or babysitter. I promise I have a mouth and a whole other lower part of my face. I made a decision that this was a part of the art direction of the site, so I’m stuck with it now.

A picture of the top half of David East's face
A bernese mountain dog named Darla.

This is Darla

She is a Bernese Mountain Dog and a majestic creature. Darla likes ear rubs and cheese. When you stop and think about it, who doesn't? Yes, she is my dog.