My name is David East. I like to build websites.

I like to build

I’m a web developer / designer who really likes to build websites. It’s a pretty good coincidence. My focus right now is trying to improve with CSS. I believe CSS is the future toolbox of web designers and will be the most important web development skill moving forwards. Time to move those boxes.

 black and white picture of the top half of David East's face
A black and white picture of half of the top half of David East's face, but he's wearing a Firebase headband.

I work at Firebase

I joined Firebase as an early stage employee and then went on an exciting journey to Google where I’ve still been on the Firebase team for over 7 years. I'm a Developer Relations Engineer. That's a fancy way of saying I work on tooling, content, docs, and product launches. I have done a lot of YouTube videos for Firebase and I have my own channel were I post about being Bad at CSS.

I'm 33 years old

I look young and the older I get the nicer it is. I have two kids and I can't count the amount of times people have asked me if I'm their brother or babysitter. I promise I have a mouth and a whole other lower part of my face. I made a decision that this was a part of the art direction of the site, so I’m stuck with it now.

 black and white picture of the top half of David East's face
A bernese mountain dog named Darla.

This is Darla

She is a Bernese Mountain Dog and a majestic creature. Darla likes ear rubs and cheese. When you stop and think about it, who doesn't? Yes, she is my dog.