David East Profile PictureTea Time!

Your afternoon* diversion of conversations with interesting people and also David East.

JS Modules, lit-html on the server, and parenting

Justin is a tenured engineer at Google who has worked on projects like Polymer and lit-html.

Topics discussed

  • JS Modules in Node.js
  • The challenges of running lit-html on a server
  • What it's like being a parent during a pandemic

Stencil & something random

Adam Bradley is one of the co-creators of Ionic and the creator of Stencil.

Topics discussed

  • Origins of Stencil
  • Ionic React
  • Watching the Trolls movie 7 times in 48 hours

Maybe web dev talk, but mostly Animal Crossing

Zouhir is an amazing develeper, but this episode is for those that are really into Animal Crossing right now.

Topics discussed

  • What are your favorite things in web dev right now?
  • Animal Crossing

Early Firebase stories

Sara was Firebase employee number 7. I was employee number 16. We have some funny early day stories to tell.

Topics discussed

  • The early days of Firebase

Probably some beat boxing

Roman Nurik is one of the most talented design/developers you will ever meet. Did I mention that he's also a sick beat boxer?

Topics discussed

  • How to beat box
  • Guessing HEX codes

Running a sports media company when there's no sports

Adam Mares is an icon in the Denver Nuggets fan community. He runs **two** near daily Denver Nuggets podcasts and the content for the greatest Denver sports media company, DNVR. But how do you manage a sports company, when there's no sports?

Topics discussed

  • How do you podcast near daily?
  • What to do when there's no sports?

Tea & Pictionary

Nitya is a Developer Advocate at Microsoft, a motivating force in her communities, and a fantastic artist.

Topics discussed

  • How to interact with communities while in quarantine
  • A game of pictionary

Synthwave beats

C'mon. We all know Ken Wheeler. Let's just enjoy this afternoon session of music.

Topics discussed

  • Ken Wheeler's sick beats

Kris shows us his self-built WFH office, and it's super nice

Kristofer Baxter may work on web performance at Google, but in this episode he shows us how he built is awesome WFH office.

Topics discussed

  • How hard it is to build real things

Drawing with the best (Virginia, not me)

Virginia Poltrack is one of the most talented people I have ever worked with.

Topics discussed

  • Drawing
  • Inspiration
  • Nerding out on stuff

How to get organized

Jessica DiRocco is one of the most organized people you will ever meet. She is going to help us get our lives together. Plus we'll play a little organization game.

Topics to discuss

  • Email organization
  • Calendar organization
  • Just getting your life together in general